Samsung’s Latest Advertisement Is Aimed Directly At iPhone Users (Video)

It is no secret that the smartphone industry is cutthroat with manufacturers having to one-up each other every year while maintaining an affordability on consumer wallets. One of the biggest rivalries involves tech giants, Samsung and Apple, whose devices have gone head to head for the past decade.

Adding Google and their flagship Pixel devices into the mix and the competition over handsets have never been more fierce. Consumers now have more quality models to choose from than ever before so winning over their business is a skill that these brands need to master.

Samsung has released a video advertisement this morning which depicts a man's ten-year journey through being an iPhone owner, highlighting the troubles he has experienced along the way.

Included in the video is issues like long waiting lines for new devices, minimal photo storage, the lack of a waterproof design (until recent models), the headphone dongle and even the iPhone X's highly criticized ‘notch.'

In the end, the character depicted makes the jump to the Note 8 and depicts a feeling of relief. Its a risky move with the PR nightmare that was the Note 7 last year which ended up being a danger to own. The real question is whether Apple will respond with a similar ad of their own.