Samsung Now Offering Galaxy S7 Edge In ‘Black Pearl’ Color Option

Samsung is taking a page out of Apple's playbook after sales of the Jet Black iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models were better than expected. As of Friday, consumers can purchase a Galaxy S7 Edge in Jet Black (defined as Black Pearl) as long as it is the 128GB model. With the Note 7 launch ending up in such a trainwreck, it seems Samsung is trying to pull out all the stops to win back consumers this holiday season and pushing their sole remaining flagship for the remainder of the holiday season.

For those interested in picking up an S7 Edge in Black Pearl, it is now available in select markets and carriers. Personally, I'd advise you to wait it out if you aren't due for an immediate device upgrade. Rumors of the next generation Samsung Galaxy S8 have already begun, and if the company follows the release schedule of previous years, it might be announced as soon as March.

Via: Mashable