The existence of the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini has been rumored for the past couple of months especially after a recent Bloomberg article stated “The Galaxy S4 doesn’t come out until late April. It’s fast, has a big, bright screen, and will probably be another huge hit for Samsung, as will the S4 mini that will go on sale soon after”. Many people doubted the truth of this claim until they hear the news come from Samsung themselves.

Well that did happen, kind of. An accidental leak has occurred via Samsung's website developers whom have already included the choice of Galaxy S4 mini under the ‘Display Apps by device' toggle on the left-hand side of their Samsung UK App catalog.

When will the S4 mini be officially announced? It is unclear at this time, but currently the device is only showing up in the UK's app catalog which would potentially mean an earlier release in Europe or possibly was just a simple mistake which was not made on the US version.

Would you buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini over the traditional S4? Leave a comment below.

Via: Engadget
Source: Samsung