Samsung Forbids Apple Logos From Being Seen At Sochi Olympics

Participating in the Olympics is one of the most prestigious honors that any athlete can obtain in their career as millions of people watch the nationally televised event which lasts for several weeks. Advertising plays an important role in the Olympics as many athletes would not be able to compete in the games without company sponsorship.

For Sochi 2014, Samsung is a large sponsor and has asked athletes to hide any Apple logo during the opening presentation at the winter games. The electronics company has provided Galaxy Note 3s for competitors to record their experience throughout the festivities. They specifically do not want any Apple devices being shown by the media during the opening ceremony.

This is an interesting approach as many of the athletes personally own iPhones or Windows Phones. This may just be another shot at Apple since we all know the two companies have gone at it for many years, but Samsung certainly upped the ante with their Olympic wide device ban on its competitors.

Imagine you were an athlete and were faced with this issue, what would you do? I would keep my iPhone and maybe even use a GoPro to record the opening ceremony after all it is not every you can live in the life of a Olympic athlete.

Source: SlashGear
Photo Credit: Kārlis Dambrāns