New Samsung Commercials Take Direct Shots At Apple (Video)

Samsung is nearing their unveiling for the next model in their flagship Galaxy line which is scheduled to be revealed on February 24th, but they aren't taking their foot off the pedal just yet.  The company has unveiled two new commercials which take direct shots at Apple's iconic iPhone and iPad.  The ads boast the competitive features found within Samsung's line of smartphones and tablets as well as pushing their HD screens at every instance.

If your unable to watch the videos with sound, here's the breakdown of the first advertisement in which Samsung compares their Galaxy Note 3 to Apple's iPhone 5s. They are watching LeBron James highlights on Samsung's 5.7-inch “full HD” display compared to Apple's 4-inch “non-HD' display as well as Apple's lack of any “S-pen” stylus.

In the second commercial, Samsung's Tab Pro 10.1 goes toe-to-toe with the iPad. Samsung takes jab at Apple's commercial where they compare the iPad's thinness to that of a pencil saying the Tab Pro 10.1 is thinner than the iPad while touting its multi-task features and full HD screen found within Samsung's tablet line.

Both commercials are comical and well-done having left me chuckling a bit without being too over the top. What do you think?