American Idol host Ryan Seacrest has officially jumped into the mobile hardware market with his company Typo Keyboards, who is set to launch their first keyboard case for the iPhone 5/5s. The celebrity decided to start the company and invest $1 million of his own money to solve a simple problem. According to reports, Ryan and many of his friends/colleagues had gotten into the habit of carrying around two phones and found it unreasonably impractical. The need for carrying two phones stemmed from the preference of using a BlackBerry or similar device with a physical keyboard for emails/texting and an iPhone for everything else.

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This dilemma resulted in the Typo iPhone Keyboard case coming to fruition to offer a BlackBerry-style typing experience on the natively touchscreen iPhone 5/5s. The product has been in development for the last two years and pre-orders have now being taken at $99/per case. The case will début at CES 2014 and has an expected ship date of sometime next month (January 2014).

Here is what we know about the Typo iPhone 5/5s keyboard so far:

  • Users have reported 50% faster typing with less mistakes
  • The physical keyboard replaces the touch keyboard thus offering 40% more screen space
  • A full backlit keyboard is present for low-light environments
  • A LED battery indicator informs the user of battery life
  • The built-in battery charges in less than an hour
  • The keyboard features easy access to currency keys
  • There is a custom TYPO smart auto-correct function geared specifically for this case

Check out the source link for more details or to place your own pre-order.
Via: AllThingsD
Source: Typo Keyboards