Rumor Mill: YouTube In Talks To Acquire Twitch For $1B has progressed the world of e-sports to a whole new level with professional gamers having the ability to stream their matches, tournaments, scrimmages, and general practice in front of tens of thousands of fans while earning money for offering streaming access to their fans.

The platform has come a long way since its inception only 2 years ago and is said to serve streaming content to over 43 million viewers each month. Microsoft has realized the service's benefits and integrated Twitch streaming right into the Xbox One.

Given the growing success of the Twitch service, it makes sense for a larger company to swoop in a buy them out while they are still growing and that is just what YouTube is rumored to be negotiating. According to JoyStiq and The Wall Street Journal, YouTube (backed by parent company Google) is in talks with the team about the potential of acquiring their company for an estimated $1 billion buyout.

As of right now, there is no further details known about this potential deal although I'd anticipate an official announcement in the near future if the negotiations go well enough. Stay tuned for any breaking developments on this story!