Rumor Mill: Apple To Integrate ‘Shazam’ App Directly Into iOS 8

With the birth of the iOS App Store came many iconic apps that have remained popular with iOS users through the years. One of these apps is a utility called Shazam. For those of you who are not familiar with the free app, Shazam is an easy and convenient way to find the title and artist of a song that is playing within your close vicinity. This means you can quickly identify music you like without any further research and tag it for downloading or streaming at a later point. Shazam has evolved to even be included in the advertising campaigns of companies like Jaguar to promote their new vehicles and offer a “hip” way to attract visitors to their website.

According to rumors started by Bloomberg, Apple has their target set on Shazam and they plan to integrate the app directly into their new iOS 8 firmware just like the way Twitter and Facebook were integrated within iOS 7. This would be an intelligent move for Apple as they could further boost iTunes music sales and lets face it, it would be really cool to ask Siri “What song is playing?” and have her immediately give relevant information.

While Apple has yet to confirm this rumor, the 2014 Worldwide Developer Conference will take place in the beginning of June and it is safe to assume the Cupertino-based company will spill the beans on their plans for iOS 8.

Via: PCMag
Source: Bloomberg