Rumor Mill: Apple’s ‘iPhone 5s’ Event Will Happen September 10th

Apple's timing for new device unveils is usually unexpected and does not seem to follow the same pattern each year. The general consensus in the industry is that Apple will unveil the next iPhone sometime this fall, but according to the website AllThingsD, the event will take place on September 10th.

There is no official word from Apple or any real “verified” sources, but this seems to be a plausible rumor that will hopefully end up coming true. This date would be very close to last year's iPhone 5 event which took place on September 12th.

Potential products that could be unveiled at this event include:

  • iPhone 5s (larger screen?)
  • Budget iPhone model (plastic backing)
  • iOS 7's official release
  • New iPad Mini (with Retina display)
  • New iPad

Are you excited for the next iPhone or will you stick to your current one? Does the potential of a new iPad or iPad Mini (with Retina display) interest you? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Blake Patterson
Via: Engadget
Source: AllThingsD