Rumor: Apple’s Budget iPhone Leaks Online (Video)

An interesting story took place yesterday in the tech world as a company by the name of Techdy (who produces knock-off Android phones based off of more expensive models) came forward stating they have gotten their hands on the first budget iPhone from Apple. The model that Techdy displays in the photo has a white rear shell, but sources say Apple will offer the budget model in other colors as well including red, green, blue, and yellow.

According to Techdy, the phone's casing though made of a cheaper plastic still has a solid feel and is only slightly thicker than the current iPhone 5. It is said to have the same 4″ screen as the iPhone 5 and differs slightly from the iPhone 5 in terms of the speaker design on the bottom of the phone.


Now it is important to note that this is UNCONFIRMED by Apple or any credible sources and though the photos and video look very convincing it could very well be faked. Techdy's homepage is pushing their ‘Bear' smartphone model (shown in the video below) which is a direct copy of the budget iPhone except runs Android and is offered at a cheaper price than what most anticipated the budget iPhone to sell for. This very well could be a clever marketing scheme from Techdy considering the amount of exposure their site and company is receiving due to their unconfirmed claims. Take it with a grain of salt and stay tuned for any confirmations or announcements regarding the budget iPhone from a more credible source!

Via: TechCrunch
Source: Techdy's Blog