Roku-Powered HDTVs Offer The Full Streaming Experience Without Additional Hardware


Traditionally, Roku sells external hardware for use with HDTVs whether it be their new Roku Stick or their popular set top boxes. This will not always be the case anymore as the company has teamed up with manufacturers like TCL and Hisense to offer new HDTVs with Roku technology built directly inside them.

This means you'll get the full Roku experience without the need for any external hardware. Instead of a separate remote that is dedicated strictly to Roku functions, the HDTV's supplied remote will offer integrated commands in order to take on both functions included dedicated buttons for Netflix, Vudu, Amazon, and Rdio.

Hisense will offer four 40 to 55-inch 1080P models with the pricing set by retailers. TCL also has four models planned ranging 32 to 55-inches with the highest 55-inch 1080P model selling for an affordable $649. We can expect both of these Roku-powered HDTV lines to be available sometime next month.


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Via: Engadget
Source: Roku