Roku Introduces A 2nd Gen Streaming Stick, Drops Price To $50

Roku devices have come a long way the past few years as they have decreased in size and increased in the amount of features packed within them. The company released their first streaming stick in late 2012 although its sales figures proved it to be a flop especially when compared to its biggest competition, the wildly popular Google Chromecast.

On paper, the Roku Streaming Stick appears to be the better product as you don't need a mobile device or computer in order to stream so why was it selling so poorly? Its rather simple, the 1st generation model only worked with select “Roku Ready” TVs, did not include any type of remote, and lastly it suffered from a steep $99 price tag.¬†Despite the product's little success, the team just unveiled a new 2nd generation model which is a refreshed version of the original that gets rid of most of its weak points.

Here is what we know about Roku's 2nd Generation Streaming Stick so far:

  • Will rely on HDMI vs the MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) found in the original
  • Now comes pre-packed with a remote though there is no motion control or headphone jack which is found in the more expensive Roku models
  • Ships with the latest version of Roku's apps which support mobile photo and video casting
  • Will retail at a significantly cheaper $50 price point (compared the $100 of the original)

The 2nd generation Roku Streaming Stick is dubbed the ‘3500R' and is expected to hit store shelves sometime this April. In the meantime, you can now pre-order one via Amazon or Best Buy.

Via: Engadget
Source: Roku Blog