Rokinon’s Xeen Cine Lenses Now Available For Pre-Order

If you're involved in the filmmaking world, chances are you've heard of the affordable cine-style lenses produced Rokinon/Samyang. While these lenses are offer some decent bang for your buck especially for creatives on a budget, the build quality and optical performance cannot compare to a true “cine” lens that cost several times the price.

Due to this, Rokinon has now announced three Cine lens models in their all-new Xeen line which offers high-quality optics, build quality and lens design that tries to compete with the higher end models at a price that an amateur could still afford. The Xeen line will launch with 24mm, 50mm and 85mm variations set to ship later this week. As for the mounting options, the initial rollout will include versions for Sony E-mount, Canon PL, MFT, Nikon F and Sony EF mounts.

The Xeen models offer a metal construction, dual focus and t-stop scales, eleven aperture blades, support for full frame sensors, 10″ minimum focusing distance and a clickless, smooth aperture ring. Priced at $2495, these lenses aren't exactly cheap although for the price several well-known filmmakers have already vouched for these models and consider them a steal at their given price.

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Source: B&H Photo Video