Rockstar Finalizes Dates For ‘GTA V’ Online Heists Availability

GTA V set records for being one of the highest grossing games during its late 2013 launch, but one of the largest online features is still not available for play over a year later. The idea of pursuing a heist online with friends was an awesome concept that sold many gamers on purchasing the title.

Like most, I was surprised to see it not included at the title's launch and Rockstar has previously delayed the feature's release three different times as it wasn't up to standards for public use. As of today, the company has stated that the heists feature is now planned to be available in Grand Theft Auto Online on March 10th.

Meanwhile, the highly-anticipated PC release of GTA V has received yet another delay now being pushed from March 24th to April 10th. If everything goes smoothly (wouldn't count on it given their previous record), the PC version will have a working GTA Online and heists experience from day one.

For those of you who want to pre-order the PC version before its April 10th release, you can do so via Amazon and receive $800,000 GTA Online + $500,000 Story Mode in-game bonus cash.

Via: Polygon
Source: Rockstar Newswire