Reports Show Verizon’s Wireless Plan Pricing To Increase Soon

According to a post from CNET, Verizon customers will soon pay more for wireless plans as the network is set to increase future pricing in exchange for higher data caps.

Here's what the report disclosed:

  • S Plan – $35/month for 2GB (previously $30 for 1GB)
  • M Plan – $50/month for 4GB (previously $45 for 3GB)
  • L Plan – $70/month for 8GB (previously $60 for 6GB)
  • XL Plan – $90/month for 16GB (previously $80 for 12GB)
  • XXL Plan – $110/month for 24GB (previously $100 for 18GB)

While this change is disappointing due to the price hike, the added data limits are a nice change as the market is continuously calling for more data usage with popular mobile apps and services.

Additionally, there were rumors over the weekend stating that Verizon will soon adopt a “rollover” data feature which will store all your unused data from the previous month and use it in the following month if you go over your plans limit.

Beyond this, they may be planning a “safety mode” which will throttle data that is over your plan's capacity instead of punishing the user with hefty overage charges. ¬†Rumor is this feature will be free for XL and XXL plan subscribers, but an additional $5/month for those with the smaller S, M and L plans.

Verizon has yet to confirm any of these reports, but CNET does say they are scheduled to hold an online news conference tomorrow.

Via: Engadget
Source: CNET
Image Credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr