Rdio’s Free Mobile Music Streaming Now Available For US Users

The rising Internet radio company called Rdio has just launched their free mobile streaming capabilities for users in the US, Canada, and Australia. The free streaming feature is called “Stations” and can be accessed by visiting the Rdio website on your mobile device or downloading the Rdio iOS app. The selection of free music available for streaming will be matched to your specific taste based on your favorite artists, songs, genres, or albums. The free streaming feature has likely been opened up due to the growing competition level in the Internet radio market with companies like Pandora, Spotify, and iTunes Radio all gunning for the highest marketshare.

In order to enjoy the free streaming benefits, you'll need a free account (requires valid email) and of course you will be subject to paid advertisements. If you grow to love the Rdio platform, you can upgrade to their $10/month plan which gives you access to over 20 million songs and unlimited streaming without ads.

You may be thinking $10/month is too much money to spend on this type of service especially when Pandora is offering a $1/month plan. The thing you need to remember is that Pandora's music library size is under 1 million songs and Rdio's features over 20 million (thanks to their partnership with Culumus Media). Spotify's music library is on par with the 20 million Rdio offers and is similarly priced at just under $10/month for their premium plan.

Photo Credit: Joseph Thornton
Source: Engadget