A Minor Refresh Has Been Announced For The 2017 ‘Razer Blade’

Razer's line of 14″ Blade gaming laptops have been a great success due to their thin MacBook-like design mixed with powerful internal hardware. Originally announced in May of 2013, this product line has received periodic updates to its technical specifications to improve performance and help maintain a competitive advantage in a world of ever-changing market conditions.

Just yesterday, the company announced a minor 2017 refresh for the Razer Blade that may be enough to entice any prospective buyers who are on the verge of picking one up. The changes include a resolution bump from 3K to 4K (a matte 1080P display is still an option) as well as Intel's latest i7-700HQ ‘Kaby¬†Lake' CPU which offers better performance with a similar power draw.

Both models are now available for purchase now via Razer's online store with pricing starting at $1,899 for the 1080P display and $2,399 for the high-resolution 4K variant.

Via: Engadget
Source: Razer