Razer To Release A $60 Illuminating Mousepad For Gamers

Many customer PC builds include an assortment of glowing LED lights integrated into their case, mouse, monitor, and keyboard so why not add illumination to a mousepad? Razer believes this idea is warranted and has announced their Firefly gaming mat that is an oversized mouse pad with integrates the company's signature Chroma lighting feature.

This enabled the gaming mat to display over 16.8 million color options as well as benefit from some customizable lighting effects including reactive, wave, and spectrum cycles. While many gamers would never see a $60 mousepad fitting within their budget, I can see the Firefly being an ideal choice for a hardcore gamer that is looking for an over-the-top mousepad to complete the look on their high-end gaming rig.

Those interested in picking up a FireFly can now pre-order the item through Razer's online store though units aren't scheduled to begin shipping until June 2nd.

Via: Engadget
Source: Razer