Razer Nabu Wristband Will Make U.S. Debut Tomorrow

Razer has primarily been in the business of producing premium gaming products and accessories, but the company has recently branched into the wearables market with their Nabu wristband. This product's premise is to function as both a smartwatch and fitness tracker by sporting a 128-by-32 pixel OLED screen capable of notifications for calls, texts, emails and potential support for third party apps.

Additionally, the Nabu offers data sharing technology for multiple wristbands whom can touch together via a high-five or similar motion to automatically share social media information (Facebook, Twitter, or WeChat) with one another. The Nabu will officially be released in the U.S. starting tomorrow, December 2nd. The pre-order period for the $99.99 device has already ended, but you should expect to see the Nabu stocked at all your favorite retailers within the coming weeks.

Via: PC Mag
Source: Razer