PSN & Xbox Live Still Crippled By A Christmas DDOS Outbreak

Hackers saw opportunity yesterday as they took down both Playstation's Network and Xbox Live in what appears to be an attempt to showcase their power and cause frustration to the millions of gamers who tried sign on to these services for the first time. The hacks originated early yesterday morning and continued throughout the day

Who is responsible for the hack? A popular hacking group, the Lizard Squad, has come forward and taken responsibility for the outages although there is no proof that confirms they are indeed the culprits. According to the Lizard Squad Twitter, the hacks have attacks were called off as of 2 hours ago, but both networks are still struggling to recover.

With Sony's involvement in The Interview and Microsoft's decision to offer the movie for instant streaming via Xbox Live, this very well could be the work of a large power and potentially the same entity that hacked into Sony Pictures just a few weeks ago causing a worldwide scandal.

Source: Mashable