PSA: TitanFall Is Now Available On The Xbox One & PC

TitanFall, the highly anticipated next-gen FPS game has finally hit store shelves as of this morning. The game was developed by newcomer Respawn Entertainment and distributed under EA Games. TitanFall has been considered a flagship title for Microsoft's Xbox One console and the company has pushed it heavily throughout their marketing campaigns.

An open multiplayer beta of the title was run a few weeks back that gave Xbox One and PC gamers the chance to demo its gameplay while the developers were able to run a stress test on the multiplayer's backend structure. We played a solid 6 or so hours during the beta and were very impressed.

You can now buy TitanFall at retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, or GameStop. Those of you who have been waiting to buy an Xbox One can opt for the new TitanFall Xbox One bundle which includes the console plus a copy of TitanFall for the standard $500 price tag. If you're not looking to upgrade to the next-gen console, you'll have to wait until March 25th to snag it on the Xbox 360.