PS4’s Eye Camera To Allow Gesture & Voice Control, Console Supports Unencrypted HDMI Capture

The battle between the PS4 and Xbox One has already begun, but new information about each console still is managing to leak out week by week. Today, we know that Sony has confirmed the Playstation 4's ‘Eye' camera accessory will allow gesture and voice control much like the Xbox One's Kinect sensor. Although the Playstation Eye camera will not be included with the console like the Kinect is, this is still good news for potential PS4 buyers whom want that same type of external control of their system. The Eye camera comes with dual cameras and four separate microphones for increased accuracy.

Another excellent move from Sony is their decision to allow unencrypted HDMI output for games on the PS4. If you didn't know already, the PS3 got a lot of backlash from game reviewers (like myself) as well as YouTubers whom were unable to capture HD game via HDMI footage due to the PS3's HDMI encryption thus forcing the need to use component cables to capture HD PS3 footage. This is great news for owners of the Elgato Game Capture HD  and other popular capture devices as they should work flawlessly with the new system.

Stay tuned for more information as it is announced and don't forget to pre-order your own PS4 before launch!

Source: Engadget