PS4 ‘Remote Play’ To Arrive On Mac & PC Tomorrow

According to sources, Sony has been busy developing a PlayStation 4.5 which will keep the traditional style and concept of the PS4 just beefing up the internal hardware to allow for 4K gaming. While many await this announcement, the tech giant has also been busy developing a major system software update for the original PS4, which will open up new features and functionality.

The new firmware is version 3.50 with a codename of MUSASHI. Sony has confirmed that the software will be rolled out to PS4 owners tomorrow, April 6th. Like all console software updates, consumers will be able to download it free of charge as long as their PS4 is connected to the Internet.

Here are the major updates coming in version 3.50:

Appear Offline

You will now have the option to choose whether you appear online or offline to your friends keeping a low profile or free from distractions. This is a feature that has been available on the Xbox/Xbox One for years, so it makes sense for Sony to implement a similar feature for PlayStation gamers.

Friend Online Notification

You can now enable friend notifications that will pop up when friends log on. These are set on a manual player by player basis so you can pick and choose which friends will push notifications.

User Scheduled Events

Want to have a tournament or friendly match with friends or family? Setting up a user scheduled event allows you to schedule gameplay sessions with friends by choosing a day, time and game that will issue a formal invite to your friends. Once accepted, registered gamers will automatically be grouped together in a party for convenience.

Play Together

All members of a party can now see what each person is currently playing, offering the ability to join a friend's game or start a new game with a group.

Remote Play (PC/Mac)

The remote play functionality is now being extended to Windows (Windows 8.1+) and Mac machines (OS X 10.10+). While this is exciting news, the gameplay is limited to 720P at 60fps for now and requires you to hook up a DualShock 4 controller to your machine via a USB cable.

Source: PlayStation Blog