PS4 To Offer Pre-Loading For Customers That Pre-Order Digital Titles


With both Sony's PS4 and Microsoft's Xbox One console, gamers can easily purchase new titles for digital download immediately after release without the need for a trip to the store or any physical disk. However, this method requires you to download a significant portion of the title before being able to jump into the action. If your like most gamers, this is frustrating experience as it can take quite a long time depending on the title's size and your home network's download speeds.

Sony has come up with an innovative solution to this problem as it will soon offer a “pre-loading” feature for customers who pre-order digital titles. This will allow the consumer to download the title before it is released although access will not be granted until it officially hits store shelves. In the long run, this should save plenty of time for gamers and should give more incentive to those who preorder digital titles as they won't have to settle for the hassle of waiting for the title to download.

Unfortunately, this pre-loading option will not be available for those of you who planned on buying a digital copy of Watch Dogs (which will hit store shelves tomorrow), but Sony promises the pre-loading feature will be ready and in place for Destiny's release that is scheduled for September 9th.

There is no word from Microsoft as to whether they will follow suit to offer a similar functionality on their next-gen console, but as an Xbox One owner, I sure hope so!

Via: Engadget
Source: NeoGaf