Apple iPhone and iPad users will be happy to load the new iOS 6 operating system onto their devices come Fall of this year. The technology giant announced the upcoming release at their most recent WWDC keynote. In case you're wondering what new features you'll see in the new operating system here we have compiled a quick preview below:


  • The “Maps” app is now no longer based off of Google Maps and now will be converted over to an Apple designed mapping system.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation now built-in. The app will provide directions with voice support & 3D views. It also features a built-in traffic condition checker which will notify you of alternate routes in the event of traffic congestion. (iPhone 4s & iPad 2 only)
  • Vector based “fly over” modes which will allow you to view areas and cities in high-resolution quality.


  • Siri now has more support for other languages
  • Now has built in sports score reporting & stats lookup
  • Siri can now tell you movie times & reviews or find you a restaurant as well as book you a reservation using OpenTable

Facebook Integration

  • Facebook has been fully integrated into the OS
  • Share a photo from the camera or photo app
  • Post a high score from game center
  • Facebook events and birthdays become integrated into your calendar app
  • Have Siri post a status update for you
  • Tag your location via the maps app
  • Contacts stay up to date when changes are made to phone numbers & emails that are updated on contacts Facebook profiles

Shared Photo Streams

  • Share photos from the photos app directly with friends. Photos get sent to their iOS 6 device or Mac running Mountain Lion
  • Photo streams do not count against iCloud storage
  • Photo streams can be shared over both Wi-Fi and cellular networks


  • Boarding passes, retail coupons, movie tickets, loyalty cards, and more can now all be redeemed using your iPhone
  • See when coupons expire automatically, check where your seats are with your concert tickets, and check the balance left on your storage gift card all right from the app
  • Passbook is time and location-based so passes and tickets will be shown automatically when you arrive at the destination


  • Facetime now available over cellular network as well as Wi-Fi (iPad 3 or iPhone 4s+)
  • You can now make Facetime calls on your iPad using your iPhone number


  • New calling features such as a reminder to call someone back if you ignore their call or instantly send them a message.
  • You also can set your phone to “Do Not Disturb” mode which will make sure you are not bothered during times such as sleep or meetings.


  • App has been redesigned to be easier to read and write
  • “VIP List” to make sure important contact's emails are never missed
  • Adding photos and videos to emails is easier than ever


  • iCloud tabs keeps your current pages synced on all your iOS devices as well as your Mac running Mountain Lion
  • Reading list is now saved in webpage format allowing offline reading (iPhone 4+ & iPad 2+)
  • Now take images without leaving Safari
  • “Full Screen” viewing now available in landscape mode


  • OS is now optimized better for people with vision, hearing, learning, and mobility disabilities