Preorders Are Now Open For Sony’s RX100 IV, RX10 II & a7RII

Last week, Sony made some impressive announcements concerning three new camera models that are slated to ship in the coming months.

Those looking for a high-end pocket camera, the RX100 IV is the successor to the previous three versions and offers many upgrades including support for 4K video (with a 5-minute cap).

Moving up the price-points, the RX10 II also offers 4K video support with a body that provides support for interchangeable lenses.

Lastly, professional photographers and videographers will be interested in the a7RII that is the success for the original a7R that launched in late 2013. This time around, the camera packs innovative features like an ergonomic redesign, all-new 42MP sensor, IBIS, and internal 4K support.

As of today, all three models are available for pre-order from retailers like B&H Photo or Adorama. According to estimates, the RX100 IV should ship around July 2nd, the RX10 II should ship around the 21st of this month and lastly the a7RII should be shipping around July 28th.