Gone are the days where you are forced to buy physical CDs or even purchase individual songs in a digital form thanks to the influx of online music streaming services becoming readily available. With services like these you can stream a wide array of artists and genres by simply paying a flat monthly fee for unlimited use.

This can save you hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars a year over paying on a per song or per CD basis as well as give you access to the latest and greatest songs right as they debut. Each of the four services below have their own advantages so I'd recommend signing up for each of them individually and testing them throughout each trial period to decide which service is right for your needs!


1. Rdio

Rdio is a popular online streaming that provides access to millions of songs and is updated weekly with the latest releases. It features a sleek interface on both the browser, client, and mobile apps. Rdio has been an underdog in the online music streaming market for quite some time, but have gained rapid popularity as of the last year and have converted many Spotify subscribers as of recent.
Free Trial Period: 14 days
Pricing After Trial Period Ends: $4.99 (web only), $9.99 (web & mobile)


2. Sony Music Unlimited

Sony Music Unlimited is one of the newer entrants into the online music streaming market, but is still a solid competitor. It harnesses a library boasting millions of songs, premade channels, high quality audio streaming, social sharing, and the ability to use Sony Music Unlimited on an array of devices.
Free Trial Period: 30 days
Pricing After Trial Period Ends: $4.99 (web only), $9.99 (web & mobile)


3. Google Play Music All Access

Google Play Music All Access is fairly new as it originated back in May of this year. Featuring mobile and web clients, the service has gained a reasonable amount of popularity and are offering unlimited streaming access to millions of songs for the same $9.99/month rate. The mobile app was launched exclusively for Android, but since then has transitioned to include an iOS app and now caters to wider array of users.
Free Trial Period: 30 days
Pricing After Trial Period Ends: $9.99 (web & mobile)