Check out this great concept video for the upcoming iOS 7 firmware update that was really well done. Please note this is not an official video released by Apple themselves, but instead it is just a concept released by a guy named Frederico Bianco. While most people are likely expecting the UI to change dramatically in iOS 7, Frederico focused more on the usability and features.

He decided to include notable features such as quick message reply, widgets, mission control, quick settings, a built in download manager to Safari, and a bunch more. The fact is, a lot of these features are already capable if you have jailbroken your iOS device. This is a good sign since if this is the case, it can't be all that hard for Apple to code their own official version of these features in which could be built directly into iOS 7. My personal favorites from the video are the message quick replay, mission control, and the built-in safari manager.

Tell us your thoughts on the concept video and any new features you'd like to see added to iOS 7 in the comments below.

Via: Cult of Mac
Source: YouTube