Popular Website Security Company ‘Sucuri’ Acquired By GoDaddy

While we are not a fan of GoDaddy's products and services based on personal experiences coupled with the various horror stories that exist from past customers who were wronged by the company, they remain a big player in the web hosting market due to their over-the-top marketing tactics that have made themselves a household name.

However, today the company was involved in the press after purchasing a notable website security company named Sucuri for an undisclosed amount of money. For those of you who haven't heard of Sucuri, they are one of the leading companies providing website security solutions and are often one of the first sources to publically out known vulnerabilities, especially those within WordPress.

This news will not change Sucuri's business model (at least at this point) and they will still cater to new and existing customers the same way they did when they operated independently. However, they did state in their blog announcement that becoming a part of GoDaddy will give them the proper foundation to create bigger and better security products even citing this as the start of ‘Sucuri 2.0'.

Via: Sucuri
Source: GoDaddy