Popular Browser Plugin ‘Adblock Plus’ Will Now Sell Its Own Ads

As the owner of a web property, I don't condone the use of a third-party browser plugin like AdBlock Plus. It takes away from potential revenues of free-to-use, content-based sites like ours making it harder for to stay financially afloat without charging for access or trying to generate revenue by other, more obnoxious means.

Despite this, many tech-savvy users have adopted the use of Adblock Plus, and the app is currently used by millions thus accounting for catastrophic losses to the online advertising industry as a whole.

While Adblock Plus has been free to download and use, the company has just introduced an ‘Acceptable Ads' marketplace that is rather hypocritical of their mission.

Rather than blocking all advertising by default, the plugin will now filter advertising to show ads they deem acceptable to users or replace obtrusive ads with a more appropriate counter ad in certain cases. It is important to note, as of right now their FAQs section does still state this Acceptable Ads feature can be opted-out on a user-by-user basis.

Adblock Plus thinks this could be a happy medium of keeping the annoying advertisements away from the consumer's viewing experience while maintaining a way for publishers to generate revenue from proper display advertising practices.

According to the initial terms, publishers who are eligible for the acceptable ads program will get 80% of all revenue earned through this program and the remaining 20% will be divided through the platform and its partners with 6% going straight to Adblock Plus.

The Acceptable Ads marketplace launches in beta today and is planned for a full launch later this year.

Via: The Verge
Source: YouTube