‘Pokemon Go’ Adds Seasonal Bonuses For The Holidays

While the allure of Pokemon Go has died down quite heavily since its over the top reception during the month of its release, the developer has added some seasonal bonuses to celebrate the holidays. While Niantic had already added a holiday-edition Pikachu wearing a Santa hat, several in-game perks will be added on Christmas morning.

New changes added in these seasonal perks are:

  • Pokestops will now offer a single-use incubator
  • Better chance at finding Togepi, Pichu and other Johto-based eggs (starting on December 30th)
  • Lure modules will double their lifespan and last for an hour (through January 8th)
  • Original starter Pokemon (Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur and their evolutions) will now be easier to find

If you are still playing Pokemon Go then you'll be able to take advantage of these perks in the coming days.