‘PLUG’ Portable Charging Solution Crowdfunds 1200% Of Goal In 10 Days

ChargeTech debuted their innovative new ‘PLUG' portable charging product ten days ago on Indiegogo with a goal of raising $30,000. As of the time this article was written, backers pledged a whopping $366,495 towards the campaign meaning it has raised 1222% of the initial goal thus far.

The PLUG is a portable power solution offering the following technical specifications:

  • 48,000 mAh capacity
  • 250 Watt output
  • Compact size allows you to fit it in a bag or large purse
  • Runs off Tesla battery cells (industry leader in cell technology)
  • Pass through charging capability (charge devices while you charge the Plug)
  • Optional solar rechargeable

Built into the PLUG's design, you can harness the following:

  • Dedicated recharging port
  • (1) USB Type C
  • (2) 2X fast charge USB ports
  • Power reserve AC on/off switch
  • (2) 2X AC outlets up to a 250 Watt capacity
  • LED power indicator lights
  • LED Display (remaining battery percentage)

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Those who back the PLUG via Indiegogo will receive a significant discount from 37-50% off depending on the perk chosen. The cheapest option runs you $209 and includes a single PLUG (expected retail $329). If you need multiple units, you can score two for half off or pledge $349 for a PLUG alongside an included solar panel, ideal for those planning to use it while off the grid. These prices increase slightly as the campaign nears its end so the quicker you act, the biggest discount you can lock in.

ChargeTech is willing to supply us with an evaluation unit of the PLUG when it is ready for shipment so stay tuned for a full review. For someone who often travels or is away from a power source for extended periods, I could see the PLUG being an excellent purchase and on paper, it looks like a promising solution.

Via: Indiegogo