‘PlayStation Plus’ Price Raise Begins In Europe On August 31st

Sony's premium online gaming service, ‘PlayStation Plus‘ will soon see a price hike in Europe following the same increased in the US membership which rolled out last September. Members in the UK will see the monthly price jumping up from £6 to £7, the quarterly price from £15 to £20, and the yearly membership increases from £40 to £50. In other European nations, the price is rising to €8, €25 and €60, respectively. These price hikes will be taken into effect on August 21st, 2017.

For those unfamiliar with PlayStation Plus, it is a premium membership much like Xbox Live that allows PlayStation console owners the chance to play online with friends, watch $99 movie rentals, download free games and take advantage of exclusive deals and discounts each month.

If you are currently a PlayStation Plus subscriber in one of the affected areas of the upcoming price hike, you can turn off auto-renew in your account settings and disband your account at next rebill or purchase a PlayStation Plus membership online through Amazon or another retailer to lock in the old price for another year before the increase.

Via: Engadget