PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Sells 4M Copies In 13 Weeks

Bluehole Inc. is the developer behind the popular battle royale game, PLAYERUNKNOWN's BATTLEGROUNDS aka PUBG. We last covered the title as it hit the 1M player milestone just 16 days into its launch.

Fast forward to 13 weeks post launch and the title just celebrated a sales milestone of 4M copies reaching $100M in revenue brought in from the title.

The game has attracted the attention of the video game streaming community and is often one of the top games streamed on popular services like

Bluehole tells us that they have peaked at 230,000 concurrent users on Steam with over 100,000 sessions being played on a daily basis. Twitch statistics show that the title has reached 350,000 peak concurrent viewers and 15% of all Twitch users watch PUBG from the platform every day.

For those who missed out on E3 coverage, Microsoft and Bluehole are teaming up to launch PUBG on a console for the first time, exclusively on the Xbox One later this year.