‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Sells 1M Copies In 16 Days

While H1Z1: King of the Kill has been a fan favorite for PC gamers over the last few year, the battle royale genre just gained a major competitor.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a brand new title that went up for sale last month through Steam's ‘early-access' section after a closed-beta period.

PUBG's development is lead Brendan Greene, who was originally a modder back in DayZ that created an original Battle Royale inspired game mod that eventually pursued DayBreak into releasing H1Z1: KOTH.

After seeing the success of the H1Z1 franchise and realizing he could come up with a better standalone version of the game concept, PUBG was born. So far, the title has less emphasis on the ‘run and gun', car-focused gameplay prominent in H1Z1 and more on tactical methodology and strategical gunfights.

Since its release on Steam, PUBG has sold over 1M copies at the discounted $29.99 early access rate. To put this into perspective, it took H1Z1: KOTH over 90 days to accomplish this same feat (though the genre was less popular back then).

According to a press release coming from the PUBG team, over 89,000 people are logged in and playing the title at any given time during this first 16 days. Beyond casual players opting to make the switch from H1Z1: KOTH to PUBG, it has seen a significant shift in activity from streamers.

On several occasions, PUBG has topped the charts on Twitch.tv with over 150,000 concurrent viewers, and 2,000 streamers are broadcasting daily resulting in over 5 million minutes of streamed gameplay.

Those looking to get in on the action can purchase PUBG through Steam or watch it for free on Twitch.