PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Releases For Xbox One On December 12th

When PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds rose to the top of the Steam charts, Microsoft stepped in to officially partner with Bluehole to get the game on their Xbox consoles. Since then, we haven't heard much about an official release date until now.

While we expect more information about the console launch at PGW 17, we do have confirmation that PUBG is coming to Xbox One on December 12th. Similar to Steam's ‘Early Access' program, PUBG will launch under Microsoft's ‘Xbox Game Preview' program.

Bluehole will release three limited-edition cosmetic packs for PUBG that will be exclusive to console players. No further details like pricing or release dates are yet known, but we do know they are not planning to offer additional in-game content during the Xbox Game Preview version of PUBG.

There is no news as to when PlayStation 4's release will be slated for, but chances are it won't be seeing a public launch until at least mid-late 2018.

Beyond this, Bluehole has confirmed that PUBG will leave Steam's ‘Early Access' in December launching with the new vaulting system and second desert map. Console players will not have access to the desert map until a later date.

Via: The Verge