How To Play A YouTube Video On Repeat (Loop)

Recently, I had a friend recommend a particular YouTube video to me to play for my dog during thunderstorms or other stressful situations. The video is called “DOGTV Relaxation” and is meant to promote relaxation for canines by utilizing a soothing soundtrack made up of familiar sounds.The only problem with this video is that is only 1 minute and 25 seconds long so this limited time span is not practical for a real-world use.

Due to this issue, I decided to find a viable option for “looping” the YouTube video thus giving me the ability to leave it on repeat when I am gone for long periods of time. After a bit of research, I came up a  web-based solution that should more than solve your looping needs.


This website allows you to loop any YouTube video with ease. The interface is rather dull and outdated although it still performance as well as you'd expect. You can either visit the site and search for your video of choice using the top right search box or simply replace your YouTube URL with the YouTube Repeater URL.

Real-world example:
Before loop: (regular YouTube URL)
After loop: (looped URL)

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