Watch Us Play The TitanFall Beta On The Xbox One (Video)

TitanFall is one of the first exclusive titles for the Xbox One and has gained a lot of hype during these past few months as gamers patiently await its release March 11th. We managed to get our hands on a beta invite for the Xbox One to get a taste what the full game has in-store.

After playing a few games, I must say TitanFall appears to be a real winner. The gameplay has positive elements from Halo, Call of Duty, and Battlefield yet feels unique in its own way. The two maps that accessible through the beta are both large yet well-designed thus making for an action-packed experience each and every game.

Similar to COD there is a customizable class system, ranking system based on XP, and challenge system which earns you XP as complete objectives. By combining ground combat alongside gigantic Titan battles, Respawn Entertainment was able to offer a unique experience that rewards teamwork and strategic planning.

We'll offer a full review when the game launches next month, but until then don't forget to pre-order your own copy.