Pebble Smart Watch To Be Sold In AT&T Stores Starting September 27th

The Pebble smartwatch was one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns to date and has done very well since its launch last January. It has been picked up by major retailers like Best Buy and now an announcement has come forth stating the e-ink watch will be sold through both brick-and-mortar AT&T stores and AT&T's website in the coming weeks.

AT&T is already boasting about picking up the product, making such statements as “the exclusive carrier for the hot new Pebble smart watch”. The device will be sold for $150 starting September 27th via their website, but it won't be until sometime in October that the brick-and-mortar retailers will start stocking the device. Stay tuned for any new information on the topic as it is announced!

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Photo Credit: CoffeeGeek
Source: Engadget