Pebble Confirms Fitbit Acquisition & Ceases All Future Product Operations

For the past few weeks, Pebble remained silent after missing their Time 2 shipment schedule for Kickstarter backers and the media scoured over potential acquisition rumors. While it seemed like a deal with Fitbit was close to completion as of last week, it wasn't until today that Pebble officially commented on the matter which you can read in full detail as an update on their most recent Kickstarter campaign page.

According to the well-written post, here are the most important points regarding the current Pebble situation and the future of the company:

  1. Fitbit has acquired key Pebble assets and the company as a whole will be shut down.
  2. All current and future hardware development, production and support have been ceased.
  3. Much of what the Pebble brand stood for will live on through the Fitbit brand.
  4. Backers of unfulfilled Kickstarter orders, mainly those who purchased the Time 2 or Pebble Core devices will automatically receive a full refund (to the original payment method used) by March 2017 with no further action needed.
  5. Current Pebble users can still use their products for now, but services may be shut down in the future, and no additional support is available.
  6. The one-to-one Pebble support is no longer available.
  7. Any orders from will not be eligible for returns or exchanges.
  8. Pebble developers will be welcome to develop apps and content for Fitbit.

And just like that, the company responsible for the best budget smartwatch of 2016 is gone. It is sad to hear, but I am sure the staff and Pebble technology will make a great addition to upcoming Fitbit product line since the company has struggled in the smartwatch space despite dominating the fitness tracking wearable market.

Via: Kickstarter (Pebble)

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