New ‘Pebble 2’ Firmware Rolls Out With Improved Heart Rate Accuracy

A few weeks back, we reviewed the latest smartwatch from Pebble and found it to be the best budget smartwatch of 2016. Despite this, we had a major gripe with the heart rate tracking which was rather inconsistent throughout our testing, and we later found out many other reviewers experienced similar troubles with this functionality.

This week, the company began rolling out a new 4.3 firmware update for the Pebble 2 (and presumably the Pebble Time 2 which is due to ship any day now) that includes bug fixes, tracking improvements and new functionality:

Heart Rate Zones

Not only will you see more accurate heart rate tracking in 4.3, but you'll also have access to how much time is spent within three heart rate zones: fat burn, endurance, and performance.

Third-Party App Support

Before 4.3, third-party apps were not able to communicate with the heart rate tracking, but this is now possible. Most notable for us with RunKeeper.

Voice Reminders

The ability to record and then sync Voice Reminders with your iOS device is now possible.

New ‘Kickstart' ¬†Watchface

Designed for both working out and everyday use, the Kickstart watchface provides data on time, step count, overall day step progress (towards a goal) and current heart rate.

Via: Wareable