Peak Design Unveils A Smaller, Lighter ‘Everyday Messenger 13’ Bag

The Everyday Messenger bag from Peak Designs is one of my favorite products to be released in 2015 as it executed in both the form and the function with near perfection. While the original Everyday Messenger bag was ideal for my needs in terms of storage (fit my traveling camera gear in addition to a 15″ Retina Macbook Pro), some people complained that it was too big or bulky to lug around especially for an average-sized woman.

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With Peak Design being such a great company that listens to their customers, they came up with a solution to this problem. It is the same great bag design in a smaller form-factor to that can handle up to a 13″ laptop.

Now the Everyday Messenger is divided into these two versions:
Everyday Messenger 13 – for smaller body types & mirrorless kits, fits up to 13″ laptops
Everyday Messenger 15 – original size, fits up to 15″ laptops

Both bags are offered in the same heritage tan or charcoal finishes although the 13 weighs slightly less, has a lower volume, and slightly shorter dimensions.

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If you were a Kickstarter backer for the original Everyday Messenger, Peak Designs is offering a $30 discount on the purchase of the 13 variant. Regular MSRP will be $219.95 for the 13 version, and $249.95 will remain for the 15 version.

Source: Peak Design