A few months back we ran a story on the upcoming PayDay: The Heist sequel entitled PayDay 2 which unlike the original is expected to launch on both Xbox 360 and PS3 as well as the PC. The game's developer Overkill Software has finally been given Payday 2 a release date of August 13, 2013 and the game is already available for preorder through Amazon. It seems they are offering a standard copy of the game for $39.99 as well as a Collector's Edition for $59.99.

Details on the Collector's Edition are not officially announced yet, though it is rumored to contain:

  • A Latex Mask Of The Main Character
  • A Tyvek Wallet (That Looks Like A Roll Of $100's)
  • A Pair Of Blue Surgical Gloves (Same As In The Game)
  • A Digital Dlc Loot Bag With Extra Money, Guns, Limited Edition In-game Accessories

It does seem a bit odd that the standard version is priced cheaper than the traditional $60 that nearly all new titles retail for. Since the only game that has been recently priced similarly was ‘The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct', I can't say I have high hopes for this game. Nonetheless, I hope I am proven wrong and that Payday 2 turns out to be a hit as the concept seems to be something that no one has covered adequately on the major consoles.

You can preorder your own copy of Payday 2 from this link.

Source: Amazon, SmartGameShopper