Pavlok Is A Unique Wearable That Will Shock You To Prevent Bad Habits

The industry has made a quick transition to wearable technology as of lately and most of the large brands are already involved in the development of their own wearable in some way or another. However, the issue with the wearable market comes purely down to originality and whether or not these competing devices can harness an edge over their competitors.

Pavlok is a new product that is set to hit the market later this year with an original spin on the wearable wristband and a “shocking” method of ending bad habits for consumers. Maneesh Sethi, the mastermind behind the Pavlok, provided Engadget with a simple example of how the device works:

“It sits on my wrist and at 6am it'll vibrate. I can snooze it, but if I snooze it twice, it shocks me. Pavlok combines accurate tracking capabilities, powerful commitment techniques, and ‘on-your-wrist' reminder triggers to change users' brains and form the habits they wish they had.”

While this may sound like a dramatic way deal with an issue, this type of reinforcement has been proven scientifically to help break bad habits and become more productive. It is the same principle used by many life coaches which involves wearing a rubber band on your wrist and snapping it when you have a negative thought or behavior.

The scope of what the Pavlok can monitor is fairly expansive as implementations could include things like losing weight (eating healthy and working out), quitting smoking, waking up early, staying productive, and much more. If executed correctly, I could actually see the Pavlok being a useful tool in my life (especially when it comes to waking up on time) and the lives of many others.

There is no definite release date as to when the Pavlok will be released, but Sethi is planning on crowd-funding it this Fall with a public sale date in early 2015. While it is still up in the air, the price-point of the Pavlok is expected to run in the $250 range so it will be a bit heavy on your wallet. Stay tuned for more information or check out the source link below for more details.

Source: Engadget