Panasonic’s 400Mbps GH5 Update Is Coming Next Month

When Panasonic announced their GH5, many filmmakers were chomping at the bit to get their hands on the camera although many were disappointed to find out that some of the exciting features like 400Mbps in 4K weren't coming until a later date. Fast forward six months later and Panasonic is finally on the verge of releasing the highly anticipated GH5 firmware 2.0.

As expected, the update includes significant performance and feature increases including:

  • 400Mbps All-I compression when shooting 4K or 200Mbps in 1080P
  • Higher resolution 4:3 video when utilizing anamorphic lenses
  • A new hybrid log gamma designed for HDR TV style shooting (independent of V-Log L)

In addition, Panasonic is rewarding patient GH5 owners waiting for this update by including the following unannounced features and performance tweaks into the 2.0 firmware:

  • Improved AF responsiveness especially in 24P video
  • Tethered shooting support via USB cable with free software for both Mac & Windows
  • Another stabilization mode which improved steadiness of handheld video shooting
  • Better performance in 6K/4K photo modes
  • Additional wireless functionality
  • Bug fixes and feature tweaks

Keep in mind that the 400Mbps All-I compression mode for 4K is recommended only for use with V60 and V90 SD cards which are more costly yet are capable of higher data speeds than even the fastest U3 cards.

This firmware is scheduled to be made available near the end of September and will be free for all GH5 owners.

Via: DPReview
Source: Panasonic