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Strategy Game ‘Civilization VI’ Comes To iPad For $30

The popular strategy game Civilization franchise has been around since 1991 and grown a massive following over the years. While the full title has been commonly released for PC and Mac, Aspyr Media has released Civilization VI in its entirety for the Apple's iPad. Since it doesn't come with limitations you'd usually see in a mobile game, the title will only run on the latest Apple tablets as of the iPad Air 2 or later. You get to play the first 60 turns of the title for free, but you'll need to dish out $30 during the launch sale to unlock the...

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‘MoviePass’ Reaches 1 Million Paid Subscribers

Back in August, we covered the launch of MoviePass's new ‘unlimited' plan which offers customers access to watch a movie in a traditional theater once, every day. The reason this is so appealing is that this plan is priced at only $9.99/month and that is around the same price that you'd have to pay for a single movie ticket without any subscription. Additionally, the service launched an annual pass which brought the price down to just $6.95/month as long as you paid for the year in advance. Yesterday, the service announced that they have officially passed the coveted 1...

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Amazon Sells Out of ‘Apple TV 4K’ Models In Just A Few Hours

Not too long ago, we discussed the end of the feud between Amazon and their streaming device rivals Google and Apple. Nearly two years ago, the e-commerce giant removed the sale of Google's Chromecast and Apple TV devices to help ease the competition and promote their Fire TV devices. Beyond this, Amazon also blamed the two companies for not offering a native Amazon Prime Video solution for their streaming devices. Since they were removed from sale on Amazon, both companies have added native support yet the recent blocking of YouTube on the Echo Show & Fire TV was enough...

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Chrome Browser To Block Obnoxious Advertising Starting Next Month

In the Internet world that we live in today, digital advertising is something we are used to consuming on a regular basis. Traditional banner ads are becoming something that we automatically block out when surfing the web, so more advertisers are adopting more obtrusive methods to get their message across like auto-playing video ads, redirects or pop-ups. This makes web browsing less enjoyable, and often you'll refrain from visiting resources which utilize these types of ads even if they are helpful. Fortunately, Google has taken this problem into their own hands and announced back in June that they will be joining...

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‘Far Cry 5’ Trailer Shows Off A New Look For The Franchise (Video)

Ubisoft's Far Cry franchise has been a fan favorite over the years with a unique storyline and gameplay that set it apart from much of the competition. However, most of the stories took place overseas in different locations which though beautiful gave the game a less relatable feel. This time around, Far Cry 5 takes place in the USA, more specifically in Hope County, Montana. Throughout the campaign, you'll fight alongside local allies to take back the County and “resist” the opposition to “liberate” the region. Check out the trailer below or pre-order Far Cry 5 from Amazon before...

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Amazon Has Reverted Back To Selling Apple TV & Chromecast Devices

A few years ago, Amazon pulled competing media devices like Google's Chromecast and the Apple TV primarily because they did not natively support streaming on Amazon's ‘Prime Video' streaming platform. This upset Google and Apple, but Amazon stayed its course with the decision until this week when the e-commerce giant has reportedly confirmed the return of selling these two devices. This decision is a large one and surprisingly late as they could have seized some more sales for the holiday shopping season. The timing coincides with Google's action last week which blocked access to YouTube on Amazon's Echo Show...

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