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EA’s ‘UFC 3’ Free Open Beta Is Running This Weekend On Xbox One & PS4

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has multiplied in popularity after big names like Connor McGregor have entered the mainstream. EA Sports has produced titles based on the famous MMA organization and their third iteration opened for public beta yesterday. With the third-installment, EA has brought forth a better career and quick-play as well as an all-new ‘Real Player Motion Tech' which brings gameplay and combat animation to become the “most fluid and responsive motion ever.” Due for an official release on February 2nd, console owners of an Xbox One or PS4 can download the free open beta right now and...

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Bungie Is Offering A Free ‘Destiny 2’ Trial Starting Today

The Destiny 2 launch went fairly well for Bungie, yet the company still wants to sell more copies of the futuristic shooter. If you missed the beta which offered limited access to the title at no cost, you'll be able to get another shot with the free trial that launched earlier today. New to Destiny 2? Play the Destiny 2 Free Trial starting tomorrow. — Destiny The Game (@DestinyTheGame) November 27, 2017 With support for PS4, Xbox One and PC, the trial gives newcomers the ability to explore Eath's European Dead Zone and Titan (some campaign missions are...

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Amazon’s Game-Friendly ‘Echo Buttons’ Available For Pre-Order

When Amazon introduced their new Alexa devices just a few months back, they announced their Echo Buttons which were due to launch shortly. Today, the company started offering pre-orders for $20 which includes a pack of two buttons. Units aren't expected to ship until December 19th, but getting in this early means that you should have the buttons arrive in time for Christmas. These buttons run off AAA batteries (included) and can be used to play games like Beat the Intro (music guessing) or Fourth Down Trivia (sports trivia). Support is included for all existing Echo devices to date. Once...

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Classic Solo Racing Mode Headed To ‘Gran Turismo Sport’

The Gran Turismo franchise is a popular favorite for racing fans, but the latest release of Gran Turismo Sport lacked the same enjoyable single-player modes from previous generations. According to the PlayStation blog, the developers are planning an update due next month which will introduce the GT League. Within this format, players will be able to dive into a single-player experience based on classic GT formats including cup competitions. Initially, the launch of the GT League will be limited although the devs are already promising the inclusion of more races later in 2018. Gamers will also have access to three new...

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DISH Blacks Out CBS Channels During Feud Over Fees

While DISH is currently our favorite satellite TV provider, their on-going feud with CBS is causing problems for their customers. As of this morning, subscribers to DISH have been blacked out from 28 local channels in 18 markets across 26 states. Tensions between the two companies have been rising as CBS is seeking fees for retransmission of their content to customers of the satellite provider. DISH is arguing that CBS is trying to “tax” customers for programming that isn't providing enough demand even going to say that the situation is “regrettable and unnecessary that CBS is bringing its greed into...

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Twitch Now Lets You Gift Your Friends A 1-Month Subscription

Since Amazon's acquisition of popular video gaming streaming service, Twitch, the platform has grown considerably and added excellent perks for viewers who also have Amazon Prime. One of the prominent features of being a Twitch user is the ability to ‘subscribe' to your favorite gamer for as low as $5 per month. While a gesture like this helps support the streamer who's free entertainment is enjoyable, you also get some benefits back unlike a standard ‘donation' through Twitch. For example, being subscribed grants you the use of emotes personalized to the streamer of choice of which you can utilize in...

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