Overwatch ‘Uprising’ Seasonal Event Adds PvE Co-op Brawl Mode

Blizzard's smash hit, Overwatch has been a game that is topping the charts over the past year in both gamer retention and Twitch viewership.

While the title is offered for an up-front price, the developers have been racking in a lot of revenue through their seasonal events that provide new unlockable character content.

These items are earned through loot boxes which can be gained for free by grinding out your player level or purchased with real money through the Overwatch store.

The newest seasonal event rolled out this morning and will run all the way until May 1st. Dubbed ‘Uprising', the storyline behind the update deals with a battle between the Overwatch and onmics at the multiplayer map, ‘King's Row.'

The brawl included with this update is another PvE similar to Junkenstein's Revenge found in the Halloween event. Allowing four players to take on a horde of omnics which differ in strength and abilities, you can either choose to play as the traditional four Overwatch heroes: Torbjorn, Mercy, Reinhardt, and Tracer or choose an alternate version of the brawl that allows you to play any four characters in the game.

Beyond one of the most fun brawl modes that Blizzard has offered to date, the 100 new unlockable items are well-done and arguably the best group introduced during a single seasonal event:

Those looking to get in on the Overwatch action can purchase the title through Amazon or if you already own it, simply load up the game to download the free ‘Uprising' event content.

Via: Kotaku
Source: Blizzard