Overwatch’s ‘Summer Games’ 2.0 Event Launches August 8th

Last year, Overwatch held their first seasonal event during the 2016 Summer Olympics dubbed the ‘Summer Games' which introduced limited time skins along with a fun Rocket League inspired ‘Lucioball' game mode.

A new video was just uploaded to Blizzard's YouTube channel giving a developer update that announces the Summer Games 2.0 event will return on August 8th running through the 29th.

If you missed out on last year's skins which arguably had some of the best (such as American McCree or Russian Zarya), you'll be able to purchase them at a discounted rate of in-game credit for the second time around. There is also the ability to unlock new Summer Games inspired skins that were not available during last year's event.

Lucioball is back for another go during the event, and the mode will even have a ranked option, complete with placement matches and rewards for placing in the top 500. The fields in Lucioball will include last year's Rio stadium as well as one set in Sydney.

Via: Kotaku