Apple launched the latest iOS firmware update in late January and users are starting to reach out seeking answers to overheating and battery issues gained after installing the update. According to a user in the Apple support forum, his iPhone's battery life declined severely, dropping a whopping 23% after only one and half hours of standby use. Multiple users have backed up these claims of decreased battery life and some are reported to be dealing with overheating issues that are thought to be brought on by the firmware update.

iOS 6.1 brought LTE coverage to more carriers around the world, provided the ability to purchase movie tickets via Siri, and the ability to download individual songs via iTunes Match. Apple has not given an official statement on the matter yet and the total amount of effected users is unclear at this time. We anticipate these matters will be fixed by Apple with the 6.1.1 update that is currently in testing with their developers.

Photo Credit: Vincent Lee

Source: Pocket-Lint